Pepwave DCS-RUG Unable to ping clients


Pepwave DCS-RUG
Pepwave Device Connector Rugged

We are testing a few of these devices in Router Mode. I am able to ping the LAN interface on the Pepwave but I am not able to ping any clients in the LAN network either wireless or wired.

Is there a way to enable ping to the LAN clients?




Can the issue related to the Client devices firewall (Windows Firewall)? Make sure you disable the firewall before you test ping.


No. I connected a Windows 10, Windows 7 and a Zebra handheld and the pings failed on all three.
Windows FW was disabled.



You are saying testing “few devices in Router mode”, how the network design look like ? The LAN clients connect to different Device Connector ?


The Pepwave connects to our wireless infrastructure (wan) and there is layer 3 LAN network wired and wireless being broadcast from the Pepwave.

Any device in that layer 3 network is not pingable.



Can you provide a simple diagram include the IP addresses info ? Where you install the device ?


Aruba Access Point
Pepwave Wan
Pepwave LAN


Please provide the source and destination IP address you used to do the ping test.


The source is

The destination is