Pepwave DCS-RUG Unable to ping clients


Pepwave DCS-RUG
Pepwave Device Connector Rugged

We are testing a few of these devices in Router Mode. I am able to ping the LAN interface on the Pepwave but I am not able to ping any clients in the LAN network either wireless or wired.

Is there a way to enable ping to the LAN clients?




Can the issue related to the Client devices firewall (Windows Firewall)? Make sure you disable the firewall before you test ping.


No. I connected a Windows 10, Windows 7 and a Zebra handheld and the pings failed on all three.
Windows FW was disabled.



You are saying testing “few devices in Router mode”, how the network design look like ? The LAN clients connect to different Device Connector ?


The Pepwave connects to our wireless infrastructure (wan) and there is layer 3 LAN network wired and wireless being broadcast from the Pepwave.

Any device in that layer 3 network is not pingable.



Can you provide a simple diagram include the IP addresses info ? Where you install the device ?


Aruba Access Point
Pepwave Wan
Pepwave LAN


Please provide the source and destination IP address you used to do the ping test.


The source is

The destination is


Believe you ping from WAN side to LAN side ( of Device Connector. Device Connector will perform NAT when it is running router mode. Hence, all IP addresses of LAN device will be hidden from WAN side. You may need to configure Port Forwarding or NAT Mapping at Advanced tab.


I looked at those options on the Advanced tab.

Can you let me know how that should be configured if I want to ping device with IP from device with IP

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