Pepwave BR1 won't receive SMS messages

I have been reading and researching everything in this forum and that I could find on the web. I have some SMS messages that were received normally from 2-3 months ago then they just stopped. I did not change any settings. I just updated firmware to 8.0.1 hoping this may help but it did not make a difference.

Are there any settings in the cellular WAN setup that may cause SMS not to work? I just don’t know what to change/do to make it work.

If it is relevant the USSD functions work fine.

Any help is appreciated. THank you.

Hello @l00semarble,
During 2019 we had this happen across several brands of cellular modems where clients were still using SMS notifications. From what we observed, it appears of the major carriers in Australia has been removing the SMS feature from Data Only SIMs (including some of those SIMs that are on M2M accounts).

For us, we took it as an opportunity to encourage clients to upgrade older routers and to also use InControl2 for generating notifications. For some of the services, we had to get the clients to change them over to full mobile cellular services to restore SMS on the SIMs.

So you might like to check with your SIM provider and see if SMSs have been disabled on the account if it is a Data only SMS account.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: