Pepwave BR1 MK2 limiting my LAN speeds?

Hi All - I’m in a rural area with no high speed internet options. So, I’m using a Pepwave BR1 MK2 modem/router to power my home internet. I have WiFi turned off on the Pepwave and using two UniFi AP Lites for WiFi coverage.

When streaming local media there seems to be buffering issues. At first I thought it was transcoding but I’ve tested that theory out. Im wondering if the PepWave router is limiting my LAN speeds? If it is I was thinking I could turn off the routing function (if that’s even possible) and use a UniFi USG/Router instead and just have the Pepwave be the modem.

Appreciate any feedback and further ideas.

How is everything plugged together? Are you using VLANs configured on the BR1?

The only time the BR1 could ‘get in the way’ and mess with LAN to LAN speeds that I can think of is if it is routing between VLANS at which point it would have a 100MBps routing limit.

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I checked Network settings and “Inter-VLAN routing” is enabled. Is this something I should disable?

Not if you are using VLANs and need to route between them. Are you using VLANs or does the BR1 just have a default IP and nothing else?

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Not using VLAN at all, just default IP range and nothing else.

Then I don’t see how the BR1 can be having any affect on local media since the client would stream direct from the source over the ports on the 3rd party switch you must have there without needing to talk to, or send traffic via, the BR1…

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