Pepwave BR1 mini

Installed BR1 mini in 2019 through Airstream Connect program using ATT data plan. No problems to complain about (other than ATT dropping their unlimited $300 annual plan). ATT is now saying that they will no longer support 3G data devices starting in February of 2022. Question: Is the BR1 a 3G data device or does it support 4G LTE? Thanks for your help.

It’s probably a 4G device but give us your model number to be certain.

Thanks for responding. The model is Pepwave “MAX BR1 Mini LTEA” per bottom product label. Under the Model is a “Product Code: MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W-T”

That is a 4G/LTE model. Better yet, it’s the LTEA version which is capable of carrier aggregation. In short it allows the router to maintain and use two connections to the cell towers rather than the traditional 1.

Yup … as @Topher said … that’s a current production device – LTEA.


For some reason the pepwave IMEI numbers starting showing as 3G only around 1/19/21 while before that date they showed as fully compatible with the simply data data-only plan.

Maybe a phaseout plan to align documentation with their policy, not their product?