Pepwave BR1 Mini Sim pin required or Incorrect

I have a BR1 mini and suddenly start having weird message from the Cellular LTE connection, it says Sim pin required or incorrect. Contacted Peplink and was told to update my firmware from 8.1.2 to 8.1.3 the fix was temporary at best for a day or two. I have two different sim cards carriers in the router with the same message, The cellular will work sometimes after a restart but throughout the day it would revert to the message. Sometimes it stuck on connecting. I figured initially it could be a bad sim but both sim cards, I doubt it. Anyone else having the same issue? Still waiting on Peplink to get back to me.

try different sim slot? different sim card?

Tried that, it seem to be up now, done nothing different, watching to see what happens. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Support, we have a Pepwave Max BR1 Mini router and an ATT SIM card. We have validated that our router is compatible with ATT. We are also on the latest firmware 8.1.3. We receive the message “SIM PIN required or is incorrect” when we insert the SIM. We’ve tried 3 diff SIM cards thinking the SIM may be bad but we get the same error message for each. We’ve reset the router to factory settings multiple times. When we do that, the SIM shows “connecting” and then 30 secs later, we get the message “SIM PIN required or is incorrect”. We’ve tried slot A and B. We’ve spent hours Googling and have had zero success. The router is not usable at this point.

@Nicole_Woodward, please try 8.2.0RC. If the problem persists with 8.2.0, please open ticket for us to check.


That firmware update fixed the problem! Thank you!