Pepwave BR1 Mini - LTE Connected but can't surf the web

I have a Pepwave BR1 that’s running off of TMobile LTE. It’s been connected and working properly for the past 3 days. Today I can’t surf the web neither via LAN nor WiFi. Weird thing is that in iControl it states its online, its states LTE is connected and I can ping google successfully from the laptop and the ping tool in the papewave.

Any thoughts why this is happening?

Welcome to the forum mvidaljr0219.

From your description it is most likely that you have an internet connection but DNS is not working as it should.
You can prove this as follows:

Ping in a command prompt
You should get a reply similar to: >40ms
Type into the addresbar in your internet browser; does it show the website?
Type the IP address into the same browser ; does it show the website now?
If so, you have a problem with the DNS configuration.

Please try the following:

In the Cellular WAN connectoin settings change the configured setting to “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.
In the Network > LAN settings change your DNS server setting to Google’s DNS servers and
If that doesn’t solve the issue, please post a screenshot of your LAN and WAN DNS settings.

Didn’t work.

I can even log into the PepWave remotely through iControl. I know it has to be something stupid and i have been at it all day yesterday and can’t figure it out.