how do i switch my bands on the br1 max pro 5g? im here at the denver yard getting 140 ping on a video game i play located in NA east, but whenever i switch it to my old 110 hotspot router i get 70. im pretty sure its just because its using a low latency band

found out how to disable 5g, but im still getting extremely horrible speeds with this router. I honestly didnt think my old orbic speed could run faster than this router i spent 1.5k on.

What are your signals? What carrier? What plan? etc. How about some basic information if you are looking for thoughts?

using verizon, 150 gig plan, not sure whats wrong with the router but my cheaper hotspot worth 110 bucks gets better ping

just read there was no way to lock my connection to a single band, thats unfortunate.

I think they said they are working on that for Firmware 9.0. Perhaps if you submit a support ticket they might be able to share a beta with you?

What bands is your orbic connecting to? Are you sure they are connecting to the same tower? I would dive-in and try to compare specifics to see where the issue might be.

Also, key question, are you experiencing the issue below 150GB? Or above 150GB? I believe the data is deprioritized after 150GB?

im at 60/150 gb of my verizon plan, but yeah ill contact peplink about their beta versions