Pepwave BR1 LAN as WAN

I need a second WAN on BR1 is it possible to convert 2nd Lan port to Wan?

If 2nd wired WAN is needed, please consider Max HD2.

Fyi, BR1 supports load balancing started from v7.0.0. You can enjoy more than 1 WAN link in priority 1,2.

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Hi has there been any progress on this as a feature request?

Its not something we’re likely to see on a BR1 for commercial reasons. You can however use WiFI as WAN to connect to another router for internet access and use the WiFI WAN and wired WAN at the same time for load balanced internet access.

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Thanks Martin good idea

Hi Martin

I am having some trouble in boning the WAN, WiFi as a WAN and the Cellular on the BR1. Is there guide or am I missing something?

Regards Steve

Ah, the BR1 doesn’t support SpeedFusion Bonding. It does support WAN Smoothing and Hot-failover though as well as normal fail-over.

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Thanks Martin I have realised once I had a deeper look at the features