PEPWAVE BR1 cellular antenna

is there shorter pole antenna and connected straight to pepwave without wires for pepwave br1?

Other than the antennas that are included with the BR1 we do not offer any different antennas. You may be able to find some from a third party though.

can Panorama PCX-SMAP-C3G antenna be used as replacement?

I took a look at the datasheet and that antenna will work just fine. You should double check what frequencies your carrier is using to make sure it will work.

Also, you will need to pay close attention as to how you mount the BR1 itself because the antenna needs to be in a vertical orientation for best performance.

thank you for the helps

For 4G LTE SOLID operation and greatest bandwidth stability what signal strength (reported in firmware) is optimal? As far as external fixed location antennas go if an antenna boasts a 10dBm signal gain will this improve QOS enough to make a visible difference to the MBR1?

What signal strength are you seeing?

The firmware 6.1.0 reports anywhere from -61 to -69dBm. The Wilson Electronics antenna specs a 7.3 dBi gain figure in the Verizon 4G LTE 700-800 Mhz frequency range. My question is does 4G LTE signal strength have a direct relationship to network bandwidth/speed??

Under a good signal environment, network throughput will be better.
Also, there is less packet loss which doesn’t lead to packet resend and affects the throughput.

Wilson makes great antennas and amps. We’ve used a lot of these antennas with excellent results. One location in northern Maine had no LTE coverage at the site until we install this antenna as part of the “Quint” repeater system.