Pepwave BR1 4g In the UK

Hi ,

I have just purchased a new BR1 but it will not connect to my 4G network in the UK , i have tried multiple sims from different company’s but still no joy …help

Please confirm that you have a MAX-BR1-LTE-E-T unit. This will be on the sticker on the bottom side of the device.

Nope it has LTE A- T

Then you are using the wrong unit, that one works with AT&T & T-Mobile here in the US.

Great !! Will have to talk with my supplier on Monday here in the UK , Why send a US unit to a UK Customer !!!

This must have been a mistake, the A unit would never work over there.

Works ok on 3g but not 4 :frowning:

Hi Timo,

If you are looking for a UK supplier that knows what they are sending out will work in that region!
You can try us
We love the little BR1 and it works great on 4G