Pepwave AP: Scheduled (time based) SSID availability next to Scheduled Radio availability

I know that there is the Scheduled Radio availability on the Pepwave access points.

I wish (within the hours of the radio availability) to schedule SSID availability.

In other words: the guest network should be open during business opening hours. A hidden network for machine-to-machine-communication should be open 24/7.


This is the similar request for forum thread Peplink | Pepwave - Forum. The feature is in feature road-map now and tentatively will be available for firmware version 6.4.0

Thank you

Hi Sitloongs,

For this project we couldn’t wait until the feature is available and together with the matter that European Frontier distribution doesn’t seem willing to sell to my company while doing direct sales through, I have decided for Ubiquiti UniFi in the next project.