Pepwave AP ONE (OAS-GN1-R) Operating Country not Listed

Greetings people.

I Have a Peplink Pepwave AP ONE (OAS-GN1-R) access point but when i try to configure it, my country (Colombia) is not listed as operating Country. Can i choose a different one? I know that with my old router the channels were from 1 to 11.

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Reginaldo Bray

You can just choose the USA and that will give you channels 1-11. Thanks.

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Thank you Tim for your help.

I did that as you suggested but i keep getting drop connections from time to time and low download/upload speeds. i Tried changing channels, set to auto, boost power and nothing. Any ideas?

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Are you in a noisy RF environment? Are there a lot of other Wi-Fi networks in close range? If the 2.4GHz spectrum is saturated in your area I would recommend going with an AP One Rugged that also has the 5GHz spectrum.

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Thank you Tim.

Yes, this is a building with 6 floors and we are located in floor #4. I can see 12 different SSID’s to choose but only 3 of them in same channel like us. Maybe that’s the reason.