Pepwave AP One Mini controlled by Balance One

I have set up (successfully) an AP One Mini and a Balance One where the Balance One is the controller and everything works fine.

I am trying to set up another set for another client, and when I set the AP to be in use by the controller and connect a wireless device to it, I never get an IP address from the Balance One (which servers as the DHCP server for the WLAN).
If I default the device and use it in it’s default state, the AP works great.

Any thoughts??

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On the Balance > AP > Access Point, do you see your access point listed?

If the Mini is listed, then you probably have something not configured right on the AP > SSID page. On the page where you created the SSID name, did you enable it?

No sure I follow.
The AP should show up in the list of AP’s when it is linked to the controller.
I have turned on the External AP option in the Balance One.
I then told the AP to look for the controller and it pulled the configuration and comes up fine.
It appears as though the devices connecting to the AP are not pulling IP addresses from the DHCP server. The Balance One is providing the DHCP.
Even if I statically address the wireless device and provide public DNS servers the devices still fail to work properly.

Hello @robkl5,
Is there a reason you’re not using InControl2 to setup your Wi-Fi with?
InControl2 takes out a lot of the hard work and gives you additional mangement ability
Start with the InControl 2 Initial Setup Guide from @Alan.

Then in the forum you will be able to find another guides in the Knowledge Base.

Using InControl2 is safe and secure if you follow the security recommendations in the Guide, InControl2 is also a stable and establish management platform.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Please open support ticket here for support team to check

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