PepWave AP One 3.3.0 + iPhone 2 = very slow Wi-Fi speed (1-2 kpbs versus 200 kbps on other Wi-Fi AP's)

Running PepWave AP One with firmware 3.3.0 build 1093.

A guest wireless network is configured with these settings:
Wireless Network SSID: Guest_password_is_64Kbpsec
Security Policy: WPA (PSK) and WPA2 (PSK)
Pre-Shared Key: Enabled
Block LAN Access: Enabled
Block SpeedFusion™: Enabled
Bandwidth Management: Enabled
Upstream Limit:
Per VAP: 0
Per Client: 64
Downstream Limit:
Per VAP: 0
Per Client: 64
Maximum Number of Clients: 0
Firewall Mode: Disabled
Data rate: Auto
Multicast rate: MCS0/6M
DHCP setting: none
Network Priority (QoS): Bronze
Layer 2 Isolation: Enabled

Advanced Wireless Settings are:
Protocol: 802.11ng
Operating Country: Netherlands
Channel Bonding: 20 MHz
Channel: auto
Power Boost: Enabled
Tx Output Power: Medium
Discover Nearby Networks: Disabled
WMM: Enabled
Beacon Rate: 1Mbps
Beacon Interval: 100ms
RTS Threshold: 0
Distance / Time Convertor: 4050 m
Slot Time: 9 μs
ACK Timeout: 48 μs
Frame Aggregation: Enabled
Aggregation Length: 50000

The client device is:
Brand: Apple
Type: iPhone
Hardware version: 2
iOS: 3.1.3

The distance between the antenna and the iPhone is 1 - 2 meters in a line of sight.

When connecting the iPhone to Wi-Fi network “Guest_password_is_64Kbpsec” all connections are very slow and the Wi-Fi signal strength on the iPhone2 is fluctuating between 1 (minimum) and 3 (maximum) bars. A speedtest indicates download speeds between 1 and 2 kbps.

A reference iPhone4 is connected to the same AP One on a different SSID without fluctuating Wi-Fi signal strength and with high up and download speed.

Having the iPhone2 connect to the personal hotspot of iPhone4 results in up and download speeds of 200 kbps.

The network assigns IP addresses via DHCP. The DHCP server is running on Balance 310 hw 2. That Balance is also the gateway and the resolving DNS server.

What can be done to improve the Wi-Fi reliability for iPhone2 devices?

I had the same issue with apple iPad.

Please open a support ticket via our site and we can look in to this further: