Pepwave AP Mini or AP One?

Hi, we are looking at putting in a few more access points as we are currently overloading the ones in place. Our current ones are not ‘enterprise’ class except for the one old Pepwave that we have. I am thinking that we will need more AP’s due to walls and the amount of people that connect to them (about 250 people in the office) as we have large meeting rooms. The people that get in the meeting rooms quickest get the network connection whilst the later ones get nothing. Will the Mini give me the same connectivity (according to the specs it does but I am no WIFI expert), o r what are the benefits of the AP One over the Mini? With the cost difference I could put in 10 Mini AP’s and not have any issues with the amount of connections. Thanks, Jarrod

With 250 people yes we can definitely use more than 1 AP One, Jarrod.

AP One mini comes in a more compact form factor. It is not rugged as the AP One but it is good for office use. AP One mini supports 5Ghz as well so it can be switched to work on 802.11a/n instead of the more popular (and congested) 2.4Ghz frequncy. Transmit power of AP One mini is lower than AP One.

AP One mini should be a good fit for you segmenting users in different area of your office. Having some AP One mini on 5Ghz might also help increase the total capacity too, since there is only so much 2.4Ghz can provide these days with the overwhelming usage hence congestion, if you have devices in the office supporting 5Ghz e.g. the latest MacBook and iPhone etc.