Pepwave antenna on max br1 mk2

Hi all,
i am about to get an outdoor antenna for my router.
where I am the 22g and 42g antennas I can get are coming out at the same price, so I wonder which would be the better choice, obviously one has two leads I won’t use but it’s claimed performance is slightly better- possibly because of the extra array possibly because of its increased size.
what do you all think…

Hi Phil,

both antennas are good and it depends on your application and expectations. MB-42G has much better performance in low bands and thus will in certain situations outperform the MB-22G (e.g. T71 band). Also MB-42G has a slightly better performance in the mid bands.
MB-42G is bigger than MB-22G mainly because of the better performance in low bands. Lower bands need larger antenna elements.

where is the antenna going? on a boat? rv? building? vehicle?