PepVPN working but doesnt allow to ping computers on the other side

Hello, community. I would like some advice as I am having some issues regarding the implementation of the PepVPN feature between two locals of a client we have. The issue resides in not being able to ping a computer from site A to site B, but I can ping other equipment like IP phones. When I am in the local network of site B I can ping computer but I can’t ping that same computer from Site A with network, despite of having PepVPN up and running and the link between the two networks established.
Sorry for the confusion. That’s the best I can explain right now. Could it be something firewall related to those computers from network despite being able to ping them from the local network?

Thanks for all your help.

Does have the site B router for a default gateway? Is the problem in both directions where is not able to ping the network?

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Hey Ron,
Yes the computer has Site B router as the default gateway with IP
I belive the issue is only from network to network, but just with some computers. I am able to ping IP phones with no issues at all.

Also, the routers are on different firmwares. Site A has firmware 7.0.1 and PepVPN version 6.0.0 and site B has 7.1.1 with PepVPN version as 7.0.0.
From network i am able to ping the network but as I explain when trying to ping from network it doesnt respond to ping.

Trying to ping from its local network works fine.

As a side note Site A router is a Peplink Balance One and Site B is a Balance 20.

For best results I would recommend upgrading firmware which you can obtain here. If there is still an issue please open a support ticket with us here.

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Do you check the client firewall setting running for the computer ? In most of the case, client firewall is only allowing local connection instead of different network ip range. Can you disable the firewall and test ?

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I will do the firewall test today. I will update this post when I do so. Thanks

Thanks for your support guys. I figured out that it was PC firewall related issues. That was the whole issue and the VPN was working fine. Thanks again

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