PepVPN Working but cannot see other side


Have pepvpn set up between Balance 20 and Surf SOHO. Need user on the SOHO side to access a server on the Balance 20 side through RDP. Have port forwarding set up on the Balance 20 side. We can ping the gateway for both routers from either side but cannot ping the server and the server cannot ping any workstation on the SOHO side.

What are we missing? Static route?

Balance 20 Network:

SOHO Network:

Thank you for your help.


OK, I’m slightly confused here.

So, you have a L3 PepVPN between the devices. Right? (If so, no static route needs to be set up – PepVPN will do it for you just fine.)
No internal firewall rules set up that would restrict these communications?
I’m curious as to why you have port forwarding configured. All you want to do is communicate between the LANS behind the Peplink devices, right? (Port forearming not needed in this situation.)


Sorry for the confusion.

Yes, L3 PepVPN between the two devices. There are no firewall rules restricting access to either side.
I did take the down the port forwarding to the server as well.

Yes, all we need to do is see the server from the SOHO side. We are not able to ping the server though we can ping the remote gateway.


Can you try to disable the windows firewall (public/domain/local) ?
Who is the default gateway of workstation or server ?


I just wanted to understand your environment. At first glance seems fine and what you want to is entirely common and reasonable. I think the first thing I’d do is what @asimula suggested . Then, I’d probably add another computer to the target LAN/subnet and see if I could ping it so as to determine if there is “another issue” (e.g., a configuration problem on the server.)

Please keep us informed.