PepVPN with SpeedFusion - Multiple Layer 2 VLANs

Hey there,

Here’s my topology:

VLAN 501
VLAN 502


I successfully configured Speedfusion layer 2 for VLAN 501, and the Layer 2 connectivity is working as expected.
However, I want to make pass another VLAN 502 (for VoIP) accross this tunnel.

How can I do?
When I try to select the VPN Profile on the VLAN 502, it says “[this VPN profile] is already binded to another LAN profile”…

And when I try to create another VPN profile, it says the remote ID is already used by another profile…

Very surprising, but how can I achieve this?

Thanks a lot

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Like this:


Well, the solution is to bridge UNTAGGED VLAN to the Layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN.
It will let pass the 802.1q tag which are coming through the LAN interface.

Many thanks.

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Hi JrmyGrly,

Before configure LAN as 802.1g(Trunk), how can i bind 2VLAN into the L2 VPN ?


Hey @pn.chew,

You need to let pass 802.1q VLANs on the switch port where your Peplink device is connected to (switchport mode trunk allowed vlan add).

In your SpeedFusion L2 config, you have to bind untagged VLAN to the VPN, and the VLANs configured on the switchport will automatically get across onto your L2 VPN.

Am am trying to achieve exactly this configuration. Pushing a Layer-2 VLAN-Trunk from one site to another site.

But I need traffic priorities for the VLANs I am transferring between both sites.
As far as I have discovered it by now is, that a SpeedFusion Tunnel with Layer-2 won’t work with Application-QoS.

So what setup is needed to prioritize one VLAN (lets say ID 100) over another VLAN (lets say ID 200)?
Will it help to mark packets/frames with DSCP/COS do proper QoS over the Tunnel?

It is a neccessity that I got a Layer-2 connection between both sites. Layer-3 routing is no option.