PepVPN with RCN Home router/modem and pepwave max transit?

Can I set up a PepVPN behind my home RCN modem/router? I read the following: “To enable a WAN connection behind a NAT router to accept VPN connections, you can configure the NAT router in front of the WAN connection to inbound port-forward TCP port 32015 to the Pepwave router.”

will this get it done?

thanks I’m new to VPN and don’t really understand how it all works. 
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My RCN modem/router is connected to the wan port on max transit duo, so public ip is in the RCN modem not the pepwave.

is it a combo modem/router? if so, enable bridge mode or pass thru or forward the port to the pepwave.

Thanks, the port mentioned in my post? 32015? the router has a range “starting port/ending port” for port forwarding. Would I do 32015-32016? then use the RCN modems public ip as the address for the other Pepwave unit?

I appreciate any help or explanation as I’m not very confident on my networking and trying to learn more. Thanks.


I was able to put my router in “Bridge Mode” and get the public IP address to populate on my Max Transit Duo. I am now able to remote into the pep wave and control devices on my home network. Still having a little bit of a trouble establishing a PepVPN with another Max Transit Duo but this is a step in the right direction.

And finally the PepVPN connection was established Between the two max transit units. The problem I had was just a stupid copy/paste error with the settings. It really is simple as long as you don’t have a typo in the public IP address!

I’m glad it was something simple like that, because I was starting to lose my mind.

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Hi, Dan! I believe you have figured it out! Which steps did you take to to achieve a connection?