PepVPN Will not connect

Hello everyone we just got some Peplink products into demo and I am having issues getting the PepVPN connection between Balance 380 and BR1 (LTE). I both units managed by Incontrol2 (380 firmware 6.1.0 2863 , BR1 6.1.1 1524) and I have tried to get them to connect in Incontrol2 without any luck. When I click on status if PepVPN is says “STARTING”

Should I been using Incontrol2 to configure the VPN or should I be using the web GUI of each device. Is there a how to manual to setup the PepVPN?

Thanks for the help!


Please find the link to configure SpeedFusion VPN - Peplink | Pepwave - Forum.

If you want to deploy in batch, InControl will be the recommended way.

FYI the problem is fixed and the VPN will now connect. Looks like there was a VPN Certificate setup on the BR1 and was causing the issue. Once it was removed the VPN connected without issue.

Glad to hear that!