PepVPN Wan Down


I have a Balance 20 that has lost connection to a balance 380 at a remote site using PepVPN.
There is only one WAN connection at the local site.

When checking the status of the link, it shows “WAN down” for the WAN connection. The WAN connection is not actually down though. I am using it for a different PepVPN connection to another site and it is working. I can ping the remote site from the Balance 20 and have created a functioning IPsec tunnel to the remote site just for testing. I’m curious what is causing it to display WAN down.

I upgraded the Balance 20’s firmware from 6.3.1 (build 3138) to 7.1.2 (build 3575) but still same result.

This forum post is similar to my problem, but does not help me with my problem.(WAN troubleshooting - Speedfusion tunnel, not available - link failure detected)

I’m kind of lost as to where to look now.
I would appreciate any help.