PepVPN VPN issues


I am having a issue with a PepVPN between to locations

Peplink Balance 380 (6.1.2 build 3071) = 10.0.1.x

Peplink Balance One (6.1.2 build 1597) = 192.168.2.x

When I am on the 192.168.2.x network I can not hit all the devices on the 10.0.1.x network.


I can hit (Balance 380) but I can’t hit which is my switch. I can see it on Client List on the Balance 380 but I can’t ping, SSH or hit the web GUI of the switch. There are other devices on the 10.0.1.x network that also can’t hit.

Also there are devices on 10.0.1.x network that are not showing up on the Client List on the Balance 380.

Anyone have any ideas?

Please double check the firewall rules on both Balance units, this is usually a firewall issue.

Can you please share an sample of what the firewalls should look like in both routers?

Do you have any “Deny All” default rules on either side? Please try it with “Allow All” first and see if that works.

Both routers inbound and outbound rules are configured to Allow

Someone from the support team will be able to assist here, please open a ticket here: