pepVPN tunnels collectively drop!


We have a central Balance1350 and 50+ PepWave and Max devices connected to it using one or 2 WAN connections on each. We’ve configured PepVPN between all branches and the central router. we have 2 profiles on the central router that include all VPN connections.
After several days of normal behavior, we noticed that after the number of established VPN reaches about 25 tunnel, we have the following:

  • New tunnels establishment becomes slower, sometimes fails, usually hangs in the ‘Updating routes’ status before failing.
  • At some point, ALL tunnels go down suddenly (in both profiles) and branches try to re-establish tunnels again.

The log only shows that branches are connecting then disconnecting. No additional info are shown.

  • What can be the problem?
  • I there a way we can ‘debug’ the tunnel establishment on the branch or central router to see why new tunnels fail to establish?
  • Where can we find why the central router drop all tunnels?



Working on VPN disconnection issue are difficult as it may cause by a lot of influences

May i know the firmware version running for your devices (Central & branches)? If the devices is not running latest firmware, please help to upgrade all the devices using the latest firmware to isolate any old firmware related issue else if the devices is running latest firmware, please open a support ticket to allow support team check from the devices.