PepVPN tunnel not established


i have two devices one Peplink Balance 20 having firmware version 7.1.0 and PepVPN Version 7.0.0 , other device is MAX BR1 having firmware version 7.1.0 and PepVPN version 7.0.0 , i am trying to create VPN but it’s always shows “starting… authenticating… creating tunnel…” but never connection is established.Every configuration is rechecked after applying and all the things looks good but why it fails every time??

LAN settings cannot be saved on Balance 30, show conflict problem
LAN settings cannot be saved on Balance 30, show conflict problem

Looks like its failing when its trying to build the tunnels themselves. This suggests that there is something (like CNAT or a firewall) on the WAN of the device(s) blocking the creation of the VPN.

Does the Balance 20 have a public IP on its WAN? Have you configured the VPN profile on the BR1 to connect to the balance 20?

First thing I would do is upgrade all the firmware on the devices to the latest version, then check that there is nothing on the WAN of the B20 stopping inbound traffic from the BR1.


thanks martin , after configuring on both routers tunnels are build but now problem is that i m not able to access internet on both of the devices.If anyone can help me please do…


would need a network diagram and/or screenshots of configuration of both devices to be able to assist.


here i share screenshots of configurations of both of the routers…


Hey my problem is solved…problem of no internet access is occur due to selecting “send all traffic to” VPN profile.
I am just unchecked the feature and both devices access the internet.
Thanks for your support.


Beat me to it :wink:

You would only ever use ‘send all traffic to’ at one end of the tunnel. If you set this on the BR1, all of its internet traffic will go over the tunnel and breakout at the balance one WAN. By having it set on both ends, traffic was bouncing backwards and forwards over the tunnel.