PepVPN troubleshooting


I had a pepVPN connection working fine until I changed my cable box for a new one and since then pepVPN remains in the “starting” state for ever… I guess there is something wrong somewhere in my network config but I miss some indications… What can I do to investigate? Are there detailed logs that I can look at ?

Last time I had a conflict of IP addresses, it could be that there is a new one, but how can I find it out?


HI. This is often caused by a route conflict. First thing to check is what WAN IP address your Peplink has picked up from the new cable router. I suspect that the cable router on the WAN is running DHCP and so allocating a private IP to your Balance. Further I suspect that the WAN IP is in the same range as the LAN subnet on your Balance. If that’s the case you might need to access the cable router and change the LAN subnet on it to something different.

Thanks a lot, Martin for the super fast answer. I had checked all possible conflicts (had to change my LAN network and configure the cable box as a bridge to get to a clean state) and yet pepVPN would not start.

I was finally able to get someone to reboot the remote peplink and now my pepVPN is up and running.

Thanks again for your help, as usual on those forums and with technical support!