PepVPN Trouble

We have been happily using a Balance 20 in the office for a few years. We have some remote workers now, and I would like to get them onto the LAN. I purchased a Pepwave Surf SOHO for myself to try getting a PepVPN tunnel up and running. I have been unsuccessful so far (the status just says “Creating Tunnel…” on both ends). In the office, I have the Balance 20 in the office configured in the following manner:
PepVPN->Local ID = My_Custom_Name
PepVPN Profile:

[li]Name: My Name[/li][li]Active: Checked[/li][li]Encryption: 256-bit AES[/li][li]Remote ID: The serial number of the Surf SOHO[/li][li]Authentication: Preshared Key[/li][li]Pre-shared Key: My Key[/li][li]NAT Mode: Checked[/li][li]Data Port: Default[/li][/ul]
Surf SOHO Profile:

[li]Name: Company Name[/li][li]Active: Checked[/li][li]Encryption: 256-bit AES[/li][li]Authentication: Remote ID / Pre-shared Key[/li][li]Remote ID / Pre-shared Key: My_Custom_Name / My Key[/li][li]NAT Mode: Unchecked[/li][li]Remote ID Address:[/li][LIST]
[li]50.xx.xx.xx (Office WAN IP 1)[/li][li]63.xx.xx.xx (Office WAN IP 2)[/li][/ul]

[li]Data Port: Default[/li][li]Bandwidth Limit: Unchecked[/li][/LIST]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jon Cooper

In the PePVPN VPN profile page of the B20. For remote ID, input the configured PePVPN ID of the SOHO.

Ensure LAN networks are unique on both ends as well. We should be able to identify this fairly quick if you could enable remote assistance (status tab) on the devices and send us the Serial Numbers to [email protected]