PEPVPN stuck at Starting

Trying to establish a simple PepVPN between 2 Max BR1 Mini both at 8.0.2 build 3612
Have attempted to PepVPN on both ATT and Verizon.
Both are licensed for INCONTROL2. Use InControl to configure Point_to_Point, Fully Meshed, and Star VPN none of the three will connect.
The Profiles are installed but constantly sit at Starting…
Seems it should work especially allowing InControl 2 to create the profile

Thank You in Advance

Do you have a public IP address on ATT or Verizon in order to establish the VPN? Cellular providers do not allow inbound services without a static IP address so that could be the issue.

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Thank You Ron, I had about come to that conclusion.

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FWIW: Verizon allows you to buy an option to assign each of your lines a static IP. It is (was?) priced at $500 one-time fee for all lines on your subscription (e.g., if you have a family account then that allows you up to ten lines, and the $500 covers all of them).

As @MartinLangmaid will point out, there are downsides to having a routable IP address on a cellular device… The tradeoff of (security) risks v. benefits can be an interesting exercise.



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Thank You Z

We use the BR Minis for Site Visits and this particular case was a one time demo. We use VPN one way back for them so likely we will just setup a Router on the far end to route over our VPN.

Thank you again