PepVPN SpeedFusion

I have a balance 380 with WAN1 and WAN2 connected to the internet,
I have both WAN1 & WAN2 connected to my Balance 30 LTE and Max OTG through PepVPN
but only WAN1 connected to my Balance ONE through PepVPN

Why does Balance One only has one connection active?
What am I missing out?

Does your Balance One have the SpeedFusion license applied? Peplink sells the Balance One for ~500$ with load balancing only and a ~1400$ model that includes SpeedFusion bonding. If you do have the SpeedFusion version, you’ll need to look at the Profile on the Balance 380 and ensure you have both WAN1 and WAN2 set in highest priority. I’m guessing you only have the base Balance One though and will need to get the license separately.

So I found it!!
by adding 2 Hostnames in the PepVPN profile of the Balance 380 (even so they are pointing to the same IP address ) both WANs are used.