PepVPN speed issue

We have a headend Balance 580 with 200M fiber. At one location we have a Max BR1 with coax cable with 60 MB down and 5 up. If we route all traffic through the PepVPN, the remote office throughput drops to 5M/5M. Running the SpeedFusion test from the Balance for that endpoint I show latency below 30 ms. I’ve put a shot of the test below. Any ideas on why the speed drops so dramatically through the PepVPN?



If you are referring to the throughput coming from the BR1 you would be limited to the connection upload speed of 5Mbps.

So the speed of the PepVPN is limited to the lowest speed in any direction? To be clear, if the cable modem gives 60M down and 5M up then for the PepVPN the speed would be 5M/5M?

The throughput will always be limited to the other sides upload capacity. In your example the BR1 can send at 5Mbps and should be able to receive at whatever the upload speed is of the connection on the other side. Of course the device does have a limit and the BR1 is rated for up to 20Mbps encrypted throughput. Thanks.

Then I think I do still have an issue…the 20Mbps should be my limit on download with the BR1 through PepVPN but it’s 5Mbps. The Balance has 200/200Mbps fiber and the BR1 has 60/5Mbps. So in the remote office behind the BR1, shouldn’t it’s speed be 20/5Mbps?

In a perfect world you would be correct. However, you have to remember that your Cable connection is sold as UP to 60Mbps down. These connections are not guaranteed speeds and can fluctuate depending on how many other people in the neighborhood are using it at the same time, this is known as a contended service.

You should try running the PepVPN analyzer as it will tell you the real line speed you are getting between the locations.

Two things.

  1. I dont see the download test, in the graph there is only TX part of graph, no RX. Use pepvpn test speed to choose the direction of traffic.

  2. I see u have two wans on B580; spectrum and att and both are being used on SF VPN. What are the U/D rate of att? What it does if u enable Spectrum as primary and att as secondary on SFVPN profile?

The difference on latency are 28ms vs 60ms, so this is not good for SF.


HI - What difference in latency is acceptable for SF?


  1. The latency of WAN link that below 1000ms.
  2. The latency differences between WAN links should less than 150ms.

Thanks TK
Arturo wrote in this thread:
The difference on latency are 28ms vs 60ms, so this is not good for SF"
Is he incorrect?


We alway recommend bonding the WAN links with the same capacity. This will give you the good Bonding result. I think @arturogerez is recommending this.

The provided info here is the maximum tolerate level for SpeedFusion Bonding.