PepVPN service provider?

Is there a simple service similar to strongvpn or purevpn that would provide an endpoint for a simple PepVPN connection to provide a public static IP and vpn connection without having to spend too much per month?

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One inexpensive way to achieve this is to install FusionHub Solo (free with your InControl2 membership) on a virtual server hosted by low-cost systems providers such as UpCloud or Costs will run to as low as $5/month. It is easy to install FusionHub Solo and InControl2 establishes the PepVPN connection between the two with a few clicks.

The FusionHub instance will have a static IP address (or more) and port forwarding takes care of the rest.

Thanks very much!

I apologize for the following very basic question – have looked at the docs very quickly, but for the most basic question:

Is FusionHub an operating system in itself?

Is it based on linux/bsd/or ?

(Have installed redhat/centos on a VPS before but have only worked with a KVM vps platform which isn’t listed.)

Second - once the initial install is done, how much time does it take to do updates / security/or other tasks to maintain the FusionHub instance per month on an ongoing basis?


FusionHub is the virtual SpeedFusion appliance that can be loaded in any virtual machine software/cloud platform.

Official support platform as for now:

FusionHub also supported to run in Microsoft Azure cloud.


I wasn’t sure how to comprehend “virtual SpeedFusion appliance”.

Would a public FusionHub provider be involved with daily, weekly, or monthly security or configuration work of the FusionHub instance typically? Once it’s setup is all configuration done though the GUI, or would a public FusionHub provider be doing OS level work to maintain the virtual FusionHub appliance security, etc.?

Wondering how much time would have to be budgeted to maintain a single FusionHub instance vs. using a public provider to make sure it was fully secure, updated. etc.

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You can contact Peplink local partner for assistance. They can provide any service to help to maintain the FusionHub instance.

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I added my vote previously to the feature request to have an openvpn client option. The reason I liked this idea is because it’s easy to buy an openvpn account with strongvpn or purevpn (or a number of other providers) and use it with a pfsense box or other router. I could put a pfsense box behind the peplink, but it would be nice to use the peplink alone.
I think pepVPN could accomplish my goal as well or better than openvpn, but it’s hard to find anyone advertising pricing for a pepVPN plan similar to strongvpn or purevpn - the main target is probably for uses with much bigger budgets which I can’t fault. I think I would probably like installing a fusionhub solo instance in the cloud to accomplish this, but wanted to make sure I didn’t get in over my head with ongoing maintenance of the fusionhub.

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