Pepvpn rule for external firewall

( Lan1------Firewall–(—router … router—peeplink—(–firawlall—Lan2 (
My VPN between the 2 Peeplink Balance is Ok
I need to know witch rules i have to add on my firewalls to permit acces using my VPN.
on the first firewall, ihave to add accept trafic from or from
thank you


Once PepVPN was established between Peplink routers, IP subnet for and can be communicate directly without any blocking by default. You may need to add static route (Network > Network Settings > Static Route Settings) for and on Peplink routers if both of the firewall are running in transparent mode. Below is the example.

First Peplink router
Destination Network =
Subnet Mask =
Gateway = 192.168.3.x (First firewall WAN IP)

Second Peplink router
Destination Network =
Subnet Mask =
Gateway = 192.168.4.x (Second firewall WAN IP)

thank’s for reply

( Lan1------Firewall watchguard xtm–(—router … router—peeplink—(—Firewall watchguard xtm----Lan2 (

but my problem is how to permit this lan1 ( over pepvpn to access this lan2 ( across the watchguard firewall
what rules do i have to make in watchguards (if i accept all trafic from ( it’s like if the firewall isn’t exist i think)
thank’s lot


If you have other networks behind the Balance, you must define them and make the Balance aware as by default it will only broadcast/learn the Native LAN.

Typically, you would create a VLAN or Static Route in the Balance for any other networks besides the Native.
See TK’s last response for setup of Static Routes if not using VLAN’s.

As far as rules being made in the watchguard, you may need to contact there support team for proper configuration