PepVPN Route Isolation


I have a Balance 710, and a lot of client sites that connect back to our 710 using Speedfusion or PepVPN for VoIP. Currently, you can go to any site, and access other clients VoIP networks if you connect into the VoIP network at their site. I want to know if I enable PepVPN Route Isolation on the 710, will this stop the individual sites from being able to see other client sites?

I cannot find any individual documentation on this setting, nor can I find anything about this setting in the User Manual.

Also, currently, we have some clients with multiple sites, and they will sometimes intercom each other. Would enabling this setting affect their ability to intercom one another, and would I just need to add static routes to each router for that client at that point?


Yes it will.

It depends. Some phone systems route all voice media traffic via the central PBX, other phone systems route direct between end points. If you are using the later then the voice traffic won’t be able to flow between the remote devices.

The other way to control this is with Internal firewall rules on your B710. You can then choose to deny traffic between remote PepVPN peers but allow some peers to route to each other by building up a custom ruleset.