PEPVPN not working

Hi Peplink Community,

My peplink system information is below

I am having difficulties connecting thru PEPVPN on another site, this was perfectly working a few days ago and this suddenly just happened

We are running the same pepvpn version, however im encountering a remote peer is using unsupported version (see screenshot below)


You can try to double check all the vpn parameters if anything changed or you can try to use a different custom port in case a ISP has changed/blocked something on the network. Are there any port-forwarding/firewalls in between that might have been changed?

Working on VPN disconnection issues are difficult as it may be caused by a lot of influences.

You may want to contact our reseller (your purchase point) where you bought the units from to provide the technical assistance. Or, you can open a support ticket to allow support team check from the devices. Mention the serial numbers in the ticket and Turn On the Remote Assistance.

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