PEPVPN network subnet selection

Hello community. Maybe this has been discussed before but I would like to have some help here.
I am trying to set up a VPN tunnel between one of our clients and one of our routers. Both routers are Peplink Balance One Core.
My issue is the following.
If I set IPSec VPN I am able to select which network subnets I can give access to our client but when using PEPVPN I am not able or I don’t know how to do the same as IPSEC…
Is there a way to choose which networks our clients could have access to,in this case and when using PEPVPN?

Thanks for any help

You can select which networks to advertise over PepVPN under: Network> Routing Protocols> OSPF & RIPv2 Route Advertisement, and it is better to use PepVPN. Internal firewall rules can also be used if additional access control is needed.

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I have another PEPVPN established. Is there a way to select the advertisement on each one?

I dont see specific isolation for each PEPVPN

Setup route isolation, then if you still need access to another subnet that is not advertized to a OBP (out bound policy) and set the dest to the ip subnet range you are trying to get to and enforce it to the specific vpn tunnel.

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