PepVpn maximum number


i did finish the implementation of peplink balance 1350 on HQ and other peplink balance 20 at 4 branches, and the pepvpn works fine.
my question is can i extend the number of peplink 20 to 150 device to serve the needs of all our branches.


The balance 20 ONLY can be be increased to 5 Peers by using license PVN-LC-05.


Many thanks for your response,

Actually, it seems that you did not get my point,

We tried the PepVPN to connect our HQ-Peplink Balance 1350 with four Peplink balance 20 at 4 branches, and things went so good.

Thus, based on the details of the Peplink balance data sheet, which states that Peplink balance 1350 can contact with 800 Peer.

Can I extend the number of Peplink balance 20 to 150 devices, to serve the needs of 150 branches?

In other words, can the Peplink balance 1350 in the main office connect with 150 Peplink balance 20 devices?
The second question is
can we build a 2 PepVPN profile on each Peplink balance 20 device to first connect to the Peplink balance 1350 in the HQ, and in case of emergency the second PepVPN profile will be connected to the DR office?


Yes thats right.

Yes you can.


Many Thanks Dear Martin,
Based on your answers i’ll go a head to the next level to server all the branches.


Dear Martin,

Based on the Peplink’s datasheet you can derive the followings:

1- Load Balance & Fail Over Balance 20 & 210 can do this by default.

2- Bandwidth Bonding Features: Available on the Balance 20 as an upgrade, and it is available on 210 by default.
3- WAN 3 port: Balance 20 and 210 have an extra WAN port which can be activated through license key.

so as it seems that balance 210 can bond the available bandwidth by default, as for balance 20 which licence that i need to active bonding, and which licence i need to active 3rd wan port for balance 20, and 30


Hi hani,

  1. Yes.
  2. Balance 20 does not support bandwidth bonding, it’s not optional either.
    The Balance One Core is the cheapest Balance router that supports bandwidth bonding, but with an optional license key and a maximum total VPN throughput of 30 Mbps.
    Balance 210 supports bandwidth bonding by default, with a maximum total VPN throughput of 80 Mbps.
  3. Yes.

I would suggest using Balance 210’s if you’re looking to use bandwidth bonding and connecting them with your Balance 1350.


Hi Team, can we please get some clarification on this? according to Peplinks Model Comparison, it is saying that the 20, as well as the 30-LTE can now do bandwidth bonding with an upgrade. If this is indeed true, what is the sku for such feature? 20


SpeedFusion Licence can be purchased for the Balance ONE and Balance ONE Core;
BPL-ONE-LC-SF - SpeedFusion Bonding License Key for Balance One/Balance One Core

SpeedFusion Bonding can be enabled on the Balance 20, 30, 30 LTE & 50 via the SpeedFusion Alliance - SFA-FP-100M - SpeedFusion Alliance Feature Pack


Thanks for your answer. Your reply is correct. The add-on feature is only available for SpeedFusion Alliance Feature Pack.

We have already changed the expression to avoid confusion. Thanks.