pepvpn issue

i have created vpn tunnel between 2 peplink balance
tunnel is established but cannot ping devices both the end
need support

Look at Status - > speed fusion / pepvpn page on both devices what does it show? Can you ping the LAN ip of one balance from the ping tool on the other?

no i cannot ping not even both the routers

Just to check. The diagnostic for this is:

  1. Go to Status Speedfusion on one of the devices. Do you see a Remote peer listed there? Screenshot that page and post it here.
  2. If the tunnel is up (because the peer is listed on the status page ) Go to System Ping on that same device and try and ping the LAN IP of the remote router. If ping works the tunnel is up.
  3. Next got to a device on the LAN of the peplink router and try and ping the lan IP of the remote peplink router - if that works local routing is configured properly.
  4. Next ping a device on the LAN of the remote peplink router. If that works everything works.

Good luck! Post screenshots if things don’t work. Also check that your LAN IP ranges are not the same on both Peplink routers.

tried pinging from system ping but not pingable

Then the tunnel isn’t up. What do you see in the Status > SpeedFusion screen?