PepVPN isolation using VLANs



We are using a combination of MAX and Balance products in our architecture:

  • 1 Balance 380
  • 4 Pepwave MAX BR1 Slim
  • 4 Pepwave MAX HD2

Our Balance 380 is located in our HQ and we are connecting to the remote Pepwave devices using PepVPN on the internet.

Traffic can go from any Pepwave to the HQ anf from the HQ to any Pepwave. However, the Pepwave must not be able to connect to any other Pepwave. We want to use VLANs.

I added VLANs using the ? icon and created a PepVPN profile for each Pepwave with their respective VLANs. But the PepVPNs fail to create the tunnel.

Did I miss something ?

Configuration example with two PepWave connecting to the internet using static IP address:

Balance 380:

  • WAN 1: to the internet
  • WAN 2: to the internet
  • UntaggedLAN :
  • VLAN10:
  • VLAN40:

Pepwave MAX HD2-LTE:

  • WAN1: to the internet
  • UntaggedLAN:
  • VLAN 40:

Pepwave MAX BR1 Slim:

  • WAN1: to the internet
  • UntaggedLAN:
  • VLAN 10:

Thank you.



VLANs created for B380/HD2/BR1 is overlapped hence you going to have problem for the PepVPN connections. Please consider to change the VLANs network IP addresses.