PepVPN Improved Starlink Speed Yesterday - today not.

[Update: this was yesterday]
Not sure what to make of this - dumping it here for later review.
I have run some tests sequentially:

  1. PepVPN TCP Download over Starlink 107Mbps average
  2. WAN Analysis P2P test to FusionHub 55Mbps Average
  3. 23Mbps
  4. 58Mbps
  5. PepVPN Test again 145Mbps
  6. 35Mbps
  7. 65Mbps
  8. Pepvpn: 158Mbps

Can’t explain the performance increase over VPN yet… although anecdotally FAST starts high @100Mbps and speed drops during testing so maybe traffic shaping?


What were your upload?

Also out of interest what type of pepvpn was it?

personally I think starlink are traffic shaping speed test at the moment because that’s all everyone seems to be doing with starlink and then posting their results on social media :rofl:

between 15-22Mbps on speedtest,net and about the same on the vpn test.

Encrypted Single Starlink WAN to Vultr Hosted Fusionhub

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Love Vultr, so easy to spin up a fusion hub as needed.

I have always kept away from encrypted as I thought it would slow the connection, I will have a play.

What client device did you use?

I have a BR1 Pro 5G and it seems to be capping out on StarLink @ ~50mbps for any TCP tests… (tested in a few locations). Native on the Starlink its ~150mbps at the same locations after swapping. I am directly plugged in for Starlink (bypassing their little router)

Do you have any of the FEC or Smoothing options on? You might be in a situation where peplink’s tricks are masking the packet loss and keeping the TCP Window open…


Nope none. Just a plain old encrypted PepVPN with default settings.
Here is a PepVPn Speedtest - however things this morning are different.
I ran a PepVPN test and got this @ : 161Mbps average (272Mbps peak)

Notice the packet loss in the tunnel around the time of elevated latency. Suggests poor buffer management.

Then I ran an iPerf test to the same fusionhub @ 201Mbps Average (250Mbps peak)

Not sure what conclusions to draw from this apart from the fact that Starlink where I am (south west UK) is pretty good actually.

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Hi Martin,

I don’t know if you can see something in the Starlink App… I could imagine, that this is in direct relation with the roaming between the Satellites.
I have heard something like that in a few locations, because the satellites are not “fixed” in the orbit and the bandwith there is limited.


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The Starlink dish hops between satellites every few minutes. They are always moving by quickly and never around for long enough to have individual impact. (you can see a 3p tracking app: … set a location and see how often the “estimated” preferred satellite jumps around… )

The constrained part in Starlink are the ground-stations that serve the internet to the satellites. Areas where there are a high density of customers but a low density of ground stations will run into congestion quickly… and that will vary based on customer use.

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