PepVPN Failover tunnel with Priority


-We currently set up PepVPN failover tunnel with priority feature. We show our network structure in the above.

-We have two main hubs: DC site and DR site. DC site is used for the active one and DR is for standby.

-We created two PepVPN failover tunnels to DC and DR with Pepwave Max BR 1 mini.

-We configured tunnel1 as first priority in DC site and tunnel2 as the second priority in DR site. The tunnels are also established. We created an outbound rule to customize the priority: DC tunnel is the highest priority and DR the second-highest priority.

-There are static routes in DC to their destination networks. We also create the same static routes in DR because if DC is downstate, we want still active destination networks in DR.

-The problem is if we set up static routes in DR site, the routes become inactive in DC site and they are going in DR site without DC site is down.
-We only want that if DC site is downstate, all static routes allow to come out in DR site.

How can we solve this problem?

May I request your advice, please?

Here’s the problem of attached file that we’re facing.

You need to set OSPF cost for the DR profile to be higher than the cost of the DC profile (default 10).