PepVPN disconnects


One or two times per day, seeing PepVPN getting disconnected.

Following event messages are from two Balance Ones connected via PepVPN:
Router=Alpha Device=192C-4680-SN#1
Feb 06 02:51:55 PepVPN: Beta-Balance-1 (Beta, sn:192C-3056-SN#2) connected to PepVPN D-Link-Modem
Feb 06 02:51:08 PepVPN: Beta-Balance-1 (Beta, sn:192C-3056-SN#2) disconnected from PepVPN D-Link-Modem (link failure detected)

Router=Beta Device=192C-3056-SN#2
Feb 06 02:51:55 PepVPN: Alpha-Balance-1 (Alpha, sn:192C-4680-SN#1) connected to PepVPN D-Link Modem
Feb 06 02:51:27 PepVPN: PepVPN D-Link Modem failed to establish connection (failed to connect remote peer)
Feb 06 02:51:17 PepVPN: Alpha-Balance-1 (Alpha, sn:192C-4680-SN#1) disconnected from PepVPN D-Link Modem (link failure detected)

Message format makes it confusing as to why PepVPN is disconnecting. Initially thought problem was with D-Link Modem, however it’s event logs do not show any disconnects or reconnects.

Is there a way to increase PepVPN “Link Failure Detection Time” above 15-seconds? Like say 5-minutes. Allowing enough time for WAN Health Checks to kickin.



You should check the point to point connection between the Balance One devices.

“Link Failure Detection” tell you that there is a connection problem between the Balance One devices. Why you need to increase the the times ?

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Running PepLink VPN Analyzer on Alpha device results in 0.82 to 0.99% Packet Loss.
Doing reverse, running Analyzer on Beta device results in No Packet Loss.

Performing a PepLink VPN Test on Alpha device:
For TCP 4-Streams Upload for 10-seconds results in 168 retrans.
For TCP 4-Streams Download for 10-seconds results in 0 retrans.

Performing a PepLink VPN Test on Beta device:
For TCP 4-Streams Upload for 10-seconds results in 0 retrans.
For TCP 4-Streams Download for 10-seconds results in 38 retrans.

To me, results do not indicate whether problem is with Alpha Balance One or with Beta Balance One.
The modems on either side do not show any errors.



PepVPN Disconnects getting more frequent.
6 Disconnects in only a few hours.
Still no modem errors on either end.




From the explanation given, seem like the issue more to point to point connection issue between the Balance One devices and this why the PepVPN disconnected.

Please open a support ticket for support team to check if you want to confirm the issue.

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Hello SitLoongs @ Peplink Support:

I have put our Spare Balance One in place of Beta (192C-3056-SN#2) Balance One. Waiting to see if PepVPN disconnects / reconnects problem returns.

If it doesn’t, when I get chance I will put removed Beta (192C-3056-SN#2) Balance One in for Alpha (sn:192C-4680-SN#1) Balance, leaving Spare where it is. For purpose of determining whether Beta (192C-3056-SN#2) Balance One was cause of disconnects / reconnects.
Or disconnect / reconnect problem went away by coincidence.





Problem has been isolated to Beta Balance One.
Put it in place of Alpha Balance One Resulted in repeated PepVPN disconnects.
When Beta Balance One was removed and Alpha Balance One put back in, PepVPN disconnects stopped.

Ticket has already been Opened.
Question: How do I check on status of Ticket?

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Sitloongs, Please have a support manager contact me about returning for repair or replacement of Beta, (SN:192C-3056-SN#2).

Ticket was opened as suggested. Following Supports instructions, a factory reset was performed on Balance One Core Beta and it’s WAN-1Port connected to a LAN Port on two working Balance One Cores.

When Beta was connected, existing PepVPN tunnel between two working Balance One Cores was terminated and would not re-establish. In addition, Beta caused corruption of configuration / firmware on two working Balance One Cores.

Had to reload configuration and reload current firmware on both working Balance One Cores to get both working again and to get PepVPN tunnel between them to re-establish.

Whatever is wrong with Beta (SN:192C-3056-SN#2) it needs to be evaluated by PepLink in house.




Please followup this via support ticket. Support team will definitely approve the replacement after verify the issue.

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For future, I would still like to be able to increase PepVPN “Link Failure Detection Time” beyond WAN failure detection time (“Health Check Interval” X “Health Check Retries”).

For example: If Health Check Interval is 60-seconds and Health Check Retries is 3, then I would like to be able to set PepVPN “Link Failure Detection Time” to greater than 180-seconds (60 x 3).

With option of completely disabling PepVPN “Link Failure Detection Time”.