Pepvpn disconnection in 3G


We got a recurrent problem with our max router. In some places, with 3G links,the pepvpn randomly disconnect and never reconnect by hitself, we need to manually reboot the router. Either br1 or hd2, all with at least 2 SIMs from different operators, have the same behavior. Nothing particular in log. In some other places (we use max router for temporary event and often move them place to place), the Vpn never breaks.
Any king of help would be appreciate !

Thanks !


Device: BR1, MiniHD2 and HD2 with firmware from 5.4.9 to 6.3.0 in europe, with vpn to a Balance 1350 firm. 6.3.1, 4 ADSL links.


  1. Please upgrade to v6.3.1 for the units that running older firmware version.

  2. May I know what is the Cellular WAN status of BR1 or HD2 when PepVPN was disconnected?


  1. Most of old unit can’t be upgrade right now, ( administrative delay to renew update licence), when it’s possible, V6.3.0 is installed. So could a big diffrence of version cause this kind of problems ?
  2. We never be able to reproduce the failure in lab, and the routers outside are not easily reachable, and as we can afford the time to go there to check, they are remotely rebooted with another device.

Sorry not to be a great help…

Hi David,

This could be caused by the known bugs that have been fixed in latest firmware version.

I suggest to open ticket for us to take closer look. Please pick one of the remote site that has problem frequently. Then provide serial number of central and the remote site and enable Remote Assistance.

Thank you.

ok , I’ll try.

Thank for all.