PepVPN breaks LAN on AP One Mini


I have an AP One Mini that connects to a Comcast modem/router, private IP space on the AP One “WAN” interface. On the AP One when “Router Mode” is enabled the default IP space for the “LAN” is with a default DHCP range. If I connect a host to the advertised SSID of the AP One, I can get to the internet and ping the AP One which is the host’s default gateway @ I have a Balance 380 at the home office. If I bring up a PepVPN tunnel between the AP One & B380 there are no issues. However, the address space on the AP One does not fit into my overall addressing scheme so I’ve changed it to 10.x.x.x/27 which fits in with other pepwave devices I have connecting to the Balance 380. As soon as I bring up the PepVPN tunnel between the AP One and B380, I loose the ability to ping the default gateway (AP One @ 10.x.x.1/27) from my host, so no network connectivity. My host is showing up in the AP One client table. When I disable PepVPN suddenly I can ping the host default gw (AP One) and get to the internet. I’m trying to understand why this is happening.



I tested it is working fine.

  1. Are you establishing Layer 2 PepVPN?

  1. What are your AP and Balance 380 firmware version? I am tested with v3.5.2 and v6.3.0RC.

Thank you.


This is a layer 3 connection between the AP One and B380. Balance is running 6.2.1 AP is 3.5.2. AP cannot ping clients on its own LAN from which it is serving out dhcp. Clients cannot ping AP one gateway unless pepvpn tunnel is down. I have an open ticket and RA enabled.



Our Technical Support is following your case now. They will revert on the finding soon.

Thank you.