PepVPN ~ Accessing Remote Network Equipment


I have an interesting issue with one of my remote networks (MAX-BR1), in which I can only ping the remote routers LAN IP during PepVPN tunnel. I do not have any custom firewall policies, Inbound or Outbound. If I use a PPTP connection, I can then ping and access any network device on that remote network.

The following remote networks (Surf-SOHO) are linked via PepVPN to my Balance 380 and I can ping and access any device on their networks:

I have linked another remote network (MAX-BR1) to my 380 and the only remote device I can ping is the routers LAN ip.

Any thoughts?



Have you do trace route to the uncontacted IP to verify whether it is going to the right path?

@TKLiew Yes, I have tried that. I can only ping/access/tracert one IP device, which happens to be at the far end of the remote network.

If I VPN into the Router, rather than PepVPN my 380 to the MAX-BR1, I can tracert my devices and access via their http interfaces.



Can you PM me on the trace route result of the uncontactable IP?

LAN hosts behind BR1 have gateway which point to BR1?