PEPVPN 256 AES Encryption

Hi Peplink

I got a question from a customer - does PEPVPN 256 AES, support the FIPS PUB 140-2 - U.S. government computer security standard ?

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Michael Juel

Hi Michael,

We don’t support at the moment. We should review this in future.

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have you 256 AES for Europe, now?
If you have, what solution: hardware or software?

Thank in advance.

The inbuilt PepVPN technology supports AES256 encryption - this is software based.

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Do we have certification or document to shows that, PepVPN is proven with 256 AES encryption? The reason, is i have partners challenge me with this question.

Define ‘proven’? The products have been used in production in banks, the military, government departments and in police, fire brigades and ambulance services for many many years. Most of these deployments would have been heavily independently pen-tested at one stage or another. I used to run a multi-site network in the UK that managed medical data and that was pen tested every 8-10months. The VPN encryption was never breached.

Many Peplink devices have also had their cryptographic modules verified as FIPS 140-2 compliant (see this link from in the US do a search for “peplink”).

Why are your partners challenging it?

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Thanks for information. They just want to have it in document form. So, it can share with end user that it was not just a specification listing or statement. But we are recognized or verified by others popular party which well known.