PepMax as modem only

Hello, I’m currently have a PepMax BR1 and would like to configure it to act as a modem only. Factory settings have it as both a modem and AP and I would like to hook up an existing router and us it as the AP where it will be the device assigning IPs to various devices. I need a little help on how to configure both the PepMax and my router. Thank you…


I assume your connectivity as below. Then you need to configure BR1 as brigde mode. Do correct me if I am wrong.

Users > Wireless router > (LAN) BR1 (Cellular) > Internet

You may enable IP Passthrough on BR1 to achieve your requirement via Dashboard > Cellular > Details.

TK Liew, thank you for the reply. I’m assuming when you say “bridge mode” you are implying to enable IP Passthrough under Cellular Details. If so, I figured this out this weekend. I see that the peplink is passing the ip to the external router but I don’t think it’s passing the “true external/public” IP from AT&T. The router says the IP is 10.XX.XX.XX but when I do a speedtest, the external/publie IP is 107.XX.XXX.XX or when I used web based site such as “” they also show the IP starting with “107”. The IP starting with “10” just doesn’t seem right to me. What my intentions are is to be able to login into the external router that is installed behind the BR1. Typically using fiber, DSL or VSAT, I will simply type in the “external/public” IP with “:8080” (ie and this will open up the router’s login page. Do I need a static IP from AT&T to be able to do this? Is there alternate settings that I need to do in order to do this??

It’s really important to me to remotely login into these routers in case there is issues or to make changes…

For the record, I’m using ASUS routers with tomato firmware.

AT&T is giving you a NAT’d private IP address and you will need to get a static IP from them instead.

Thanks Tim for the info… So when I preform a speedtest or use web sites such as “whatsmyip” I see (2) different Public IPs.

Speedtest = “” and whats my ip = “”. Why can’t I use one of these to access router?

Will using a ddns do anything or do I just need a static ip??


  1. You have 2 WANs? Can you share network diagram for better understanding?

  2. What IP you get (on your router) after BR1 enabled IP Passthrough?

Those public IP addresses you are seeing are the actual IP address being used by the ISP and it can and will change all the time. DDNS will not work because you are only receiving a private NAT’d IP address. The only solution is to subscribe to a static IP.

Ok, thank you for the info… Working with provider now to get static IP.