Peplink's SpeedFusion capable offerings are just so versatile!


  • A global leader in tire manufacturing.
  • Operates in South East Asia as well as exports to North America and Europe.
  • Operating for over 50 years with various highly successful subsidiaries.


  • HQ load balancing router must be able to support the current 3 fixed ethernet connections.
  • Future expansion plans mean potentially 2 more connections need support.
  • The branches have 1 fixed ethernet line, so an extra LTE as a failover option would be great.


  • Due to the expansion plans and to futureproof, we would recommend a Balance 710 to be deployed at the headquarters.
  • This enterprise-grade router can provide up to 2.5Gbps and features 7 WAN ports allowing them to future-proof their setup.
  • The default drop-in mode compatibility makes this device versatile to be used in conjunction with the pre-existing network infrastructure such as the firewall and internal server.
  • As the branches only require 1 additional LTE connection along with their ISP, a MAX Transit would be used.
  • This can use the primary ISP link with an LTE backup for Hot Failover or even Bandwidth Bonding for heavy bandwidth needs, ensuring a consistent and reliable connection.
  • The MAX Transit device supports up to 150 users, which is more than enough for the small branches.

Devices deployed

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