Peplink + Web Cache Solution

Hi peplink users, I am planning to implement the peplink 580 in our organization. But we prefer having a web cache with it.

Can somebody give me an idea how we can combine peplink 580 and a web cache server (transparent if possible). I don’t want the web cache server to start other services. I just want the peplink to handle everything like dhcp, dns, firewall and qos, but insert a web cache somewhere in the diagram so that users can have a faster browsing experience.

possible diagram:
modem > peplink 580 > web cache > manageable switch > clients

Please correct my theory if i’m wrong.


Good news, we will be releasing our own web cache product later this year. It will be a great way to have the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

It is too early to share any details, but do stay tuned!

If we can have that as an additional feature to the existing product line, it will be very attractive.

Thanks Tim, is this for certain by December? It would help me a lot if I will know when I can purchase it because we are still on the planning stage and we’re looking into alternatives if there’s no such device yet.

I can’t give you a definitive date, but I feel it will be out by years end or early Q1.

Thanks -Tim

Wow! That’s great. I’m excited already.

Just one more thing, would you advice me to buy a 380/580 now or not? I’m wondering if that webcache product already has all the features that the balance has or is it just a separate webcache appliance compatible with balance?

It is a one box solution that has transparent caching and all the Balance capabilities. Can you tell us how many users and the WAN throughput you have in your network?

1000 to 1200 users with a 100mb throughput.
Can we pre order the product? What’s the comparable balance model in terms of price?

Give me a few day… I’ll arrange something for you to test.

Thanks Alex. That would be very nice. Our purchase decision greatly depends on the features and reliability of the product.

Hi Alex, any updates for the testing?

I’m looking to purchase a Peplink Balance 305 or 380 along with a number of AP One 300M devices within the next couple weeks, and I’m also very interested in getting something that does Web Caching. Do you have any further information on the product you’re speaking of? Release date, price?