Peplink WAN Bonding and Connect to Sophos XG Firewall

Hello. We are planning to implement this network setup. Is it possible to successfully setup this scenario?

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Yes things can plug together like that. By default the WAN IP of the Sophos would become a private NAT IP from the Peplink.

You could use Drop in mode though - check out Peters Video here where he does this with a sophos utm:

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Thank you. I’ll check the video.

Can i use the peplink for wan bonding even though the we use the sophos as our firewall not the built in one with peplink?

Yes you can. When in drop in mode the Peplink will use NAT to send traffic over additional wans so you can load balance sessions from the firewall over the extra WANs you connect.

In the same way, you can use speedfusion to bond the connections - but you would need to use either Speedfusion Cloud or your own hosted Fusionhub to act as the target.

As a enterprise / business deployment I would recommend you host your own FusionHub that way you can then have inbound routing from a public IP in the cloud over SpeedFusion to your firewall. Which will help with VoIP traffic, and remote access of services.

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Thank you. Our plan for these are remote connectivity to branches. Thanks.