Peplink vs Viptela vs Velocloud

Hello everyone,

Just want to know if someone have created a battlecard or comparative analysis between Peplink vs other SD-WAN players in the market particularly against Velocloud and Viptela.

Please share if you have created one before.


Darwin - that’s a big ask that would need some deep analysis if you want to compare like for like.

Issue is that if you are comparing like for like you’re missing out on all the stuff they don’t do and don’t have compared to Peplink.

Neither Velcocloud or CISCO do cellular and wifi WAN well, both use usb modems in enterprise grade hardware. Neither have industrial or automotive grade SDWAN products, neither do multi cellular to my knowledge and there is no form of SIM management or cellular signal monitoring built in to their devices / platforms.

Look for opportunities that need what Peplink does and you’ll find Velocloud and CISCO aren’t even being considered.


Let’s think bigger than this, identify what Peplink is currently missing, flood the Feature Request list and then win all these deals. We start to see a shift on that market.

The complete answer would take more than a post forum, if you can , make it to the SDWAN summit in Paris, you’ll have the opportunity to compare all of these extensively.


Agreed. I look forward to the flood on your return from Paris!


Here is one from a few years ago which doesn’t mention Pep.

Would be a good starting point.
@MartinLangmaid comparing like-for-like is not really an option!
Adding the extra features Pep equipment offers and showing that the competition does not have it would be very visible on the battle cards

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What is the purpose of your request? We could give a precise answer based on that.

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I’ve not used Velocloud but I have used other SDWAN tech such as Viptela and Silver Peak. What I can say is that both Silver Peak and Viptela have a lot more granularity on the configuration options and ways to steer the traffic, also on Viptela you now have full next gen security suite firewall options (depending on the license you take up) but this is a lot more expensive and comes at a complexity cost.
Having used both Silver Peak and Viptela I can say in my view the Silver Peak interface is definitely the more intuitive to use and is very well thought out, Viptela on setting up and managing is a real headache and in my view overly complex. The Peplink proposition doesnt have all the bells and whistles/complexity but its at a much lower price point and is very very good at that price point and very easy to setup and manage.
This is all just my opinion of course having used these 3 technologies, but personally speaking I would run for the hills from a Viptela solution, Cisco tried to save their SDWAN proposition (IWAN didn’t really do well as it was a collection of existing tech bundled together with no proper management or visibility) hence they did what they usually do and bought tech (Viptela) and its been a long winded job integrating the code into the ISR range and from the looks of it hasnt gone that well, but aside from that the setup and management of the interface is just awful.